New Kitchen Trends 2022


From sustainable designs to bold finishes, these are the top new kitchen trends to inspire your project:

1. Bold Kitchen Colours: Green has continued to increase in popularity — whether used as an accent or across the cabinetry, this bold colourway is becoming a key element in many industrial-inspired spaces.

2. Herringbone Floors: Parquet and herringbone flooring is hot news in homes right now, a trend that is set to continue into next year. Perhaps the room that it is most commonly being seen in at present it the kitchen, where it adds texture and warmth to even contemporary schemes.

3. Granite, Granite everywhere! : Not only does marble shout luxury and high-end quality, but it is also the perfect partner to metallic finishes such as brass and gold. Choose white or creamy shades of marble and you also have a great contrast with bold greens and blues. Richly veined marbles are set to be a particularly big kitchen trend in 2022. 

4. Smart(er) Appliances: Just when you thought that kitchen appliances were doing as much as they possibly could to make life easier, they just got even smarter — and that is something that is only set to grow in 2022. From ovens that carry out recipes on your behalf and even take on the role of intuitively adjusting temperature, to fridges that order your shopping — the possibilities are endless. The boiling water taps we were all in awe of a couple of years ago have seen an upgrade too — most smart taps now also dispense boiling, chilled, filtered and sparkling too - Check out our display quooker taps in out Stafford Showroom & a range of Neff, Bosch, Ilve & Faber Appliances.


5. Gold finishing touches: First it was copper, then brass and now gold — these luxury metal touches have slowly been creeping into the kitchen for a few years now and are set to overtake the tried-and-tested stainless steel and brushed nickel finishes we have all become accustomed to (although it must be said these will remain popular). They are basically the missing piece in the marble, forest green, dark herringbone flooring jigsaw.

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